Conservative by choice ........

Republican by default.

Freedom Action Plan

In order to accomplish our Mission we must address three challenges; the first challenge is, while there are more conservatives than liberals in America, the liberals have control of the media and as long as they have control of the media they will control our freedoms.

The second challenge is no one Independent or Conservative organization has the resources to compete with the mainstream media, not even Fox News.

And the third challenge is while most Americans are aware of the liberal bias of the media, they are not aware of the extent the media has manipulated public opinion, the creation of laws and elections. For example, even though the mortgage crisis was created by Democrat law makers expanding the power and debt of government through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and President Bush called on Congress 17 times in 2008 to reform these programs to prevent the mortgage crisis, a recent CNN poll over 50% of American’s blame Bush for the current economy. After a failed trillion dollars Democrat stimulus package and five years into Obama’s presidency, only a third of the public believe that Obama and the Democrats are primarily responsible for the country’s current economic problems.



The Freedom Action Plan roposes a massive public awareness campaign with the goal of exposing the media’s manipulation of news coverage and how it impacts public perception of the truth, the creation of laws and even the election of the President.

A public awareness campaign that both attacks and demonizes the media in the same manner the media attacked and demonized Sara Palin, George Bush, and Joe the Plumer.

A public awareness and education plan that exposes, educates, demonizes, and neutralizes the Mainstream medias’ propaganda tools.

A public education plan that holds the media accountable in the public eye for ignoring the safety, welfare, and Will of the People in favor of promoting their own  political agenda.